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We protect the most valuable part of your business: your identity and ideas.




We protect the most valuable part of your business: your identity and ideas.





Protecting the results of your investment in R&D through patents is the best way of making your effort in time and economic and human resources profitable and will enable you to incorporate your discoveries into the intangible assets of your company.

Patents grant you the right to exclusively exploit the result of your inventive activity and become effective instruments that will protect you against third parties that attempt to copy, imitate and exploit your goods without your permission, undoing the huge effort you made as the lawful holder of the industrial property rights.


Our team of experts will handle the prior consultancy and will be at your side throughout the process of registering your patents, always offering the most appropriate type of protection for your product or service and helping you resolve and overcome any incident that may arise during the process or any infringement of your rights in the future.

This level of protection is possible due to our expert team formed of official agents, engineers, chemists and practising qualified lawyers, certified before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO), before the European Patent Office (EPO), before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We are also members of AIPPI and INTA.

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We offer the following services:

  • We provide prior strategic consultancy that includes, among other aspects, analysing the invention, the viability of protection and the best way of completing it (patent, utility model, certificate of patent improvement, etc.), as well as preparing patentability reports, state of the art analyses and filed patent research.
  • We offer you the possibility of studying the potential industrial property right infringements by third parties and researching patent infringement.
  • We have a qualified technical team to offer R&D consultancy services and analyse how to overcome the state of the art.
  • We take you through the entire process of drafting, preparing drawings and filing your patent and utility model applications in any country in the world, whether through EP, PCT, ES, etc.


  • We manage the processing, control and subsequent maintenance in force of your patents before the competent bodies in any country in the world.
  • We offer you our advice and defence in third-party objection, suspension, opposition or observation proceedings before the corresponding competent bodies (SPTO, EPO, EUIPO, WIPO or any other foreign country). We also handle legal defence in Spain or any other country against patent infringement, nullity, lapse or unfair competition proceedings. We manage the preparation of formal notices and/or the response thereto.
  • We prepare all kinds of assignment, license or distribution contracts and if the conditions require it, we act as intermediaries in negotiations between our clients and third parties.
  • We offer you training courses aimed at the R&D departments of your company or at Industrial Property portfolio managers. You will similarly have the option to access Industrial Property training courses
  • We take on the technical translation service of patents.
  • We file your granted European patent validation texts.
  • In response to your request, we prepare expert reports and reports as independent experts.
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  • We offer you a tailor-made technological monitoring service that meets your needs, which will enable you to track the competition and other applications in your field so that you may act accordingly.
  • We carry out direct European patent validation studies in Spain and Portugal.
  • We audit and assess your patent portfolio in order to optimise it.

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