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At ACOPAT we are aware of the importance of your trademarks and inventions, your products and designs as fundamental assets in order to succeed as a business, by making your services and products known on the market and differentiating yourself from competitors.

In order to protect the significant investment in resources and business effort that you have made, it is vital that you have a conflict prevention strategy.

Sooner or later a situation may arise in which you must go to court to restore your rights or defend against third-party conflicts.

We also want to help you correctly interpret the clauses of the contracts that you sign, and draft them so as to offer all guarantees that your investment will be safe.

Legal Services



If you use ACOPAT’s legal services, we undertake to resolve your conflicts quickly, practically, functionally, efficiently and always to the benefit of your interests. We will be here to advise on the range of options available to you, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, and give you a previous and close estimate for the defence of your case”

Thanks to our team made up of litigators, experts and detectives specialised in industrial and intellectual property, as well as other related areas, such as competition and corporate law, we can represent you in any legal dispute where it may be required. This includes negotiation proceedings with a third party, drafting contracts, as well as managing your legal defence in a wide range of areas and jurisdictions.




Some of the main services required by our clients regarding legal consulting and legal proceedings are:

  • We offer a general consulting service in proceedings such as assignment, licensing rights and coexistence contracts, as well as confidentiality or technology transfer agreements, related to Industrial or Intellectual property.
  • We undertake your extrajudicial defence through certified letters of formal notice, claims (secure fax) or responses thereto.
  • We handle the defence of your rights through litigation and lawsuits in the field of patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial designs, copyright, domain names, unfair competition, illegal advertising and competition law. We will similarly represent you, if necessary, in actions in the criminal, administrative, commercial or civil fields, including:
Legal Services
    • Customs actions.
    • Registration nullity actions (distinctive signs, patents, utility models, and industrial drawings and designs).
    • Actions for the recovery of industrial property rights.
    • Trademark expiration actions due to lack of use.
    • Application for cautionary measures.
  • We act against trademark piracy and forgery acts at the law enforcement, customs and legal level.
  • Within our areas of expertise, we also offer personalised legal advice at both a national and international level, as well as advice for setting up and managing franchises, technology transfer, agency and distribution contracts,
  • We carry out research in the commercial and industrial fields, as well as in the companies registry and about company incorporation, in accordance with your information needs.
  • We undertake research for experts or secure evidence through specialised detectives.
  • We advise you on the negotiation and drafting of distribution contracts, joint venture and/or confidentiality agreements.
  • We prepare and collaborate on the expert reports (technical, legal and financial), whether they are proprietary or on behalf of third parties in trademark disputes or other distinctive signs, patents, utility models and acts of unfair competition or illegal advertising derived from these disputes.
  • We will defend you and act in arbitration proceedings or before self-regulatory bodies.

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