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Protect yourself from the fraudulent use of your industrial developments




Protect yourself from the fraudulent use of your industrial developments





The appearance or ornamentation of all or part of your products, whether it is in relation to their lines, contours, colours, shapes, textures or materials, grants it a unique quality that is visually different from other products on the market, which are separate from their technical or functional features.

This visual appearance and its originality are increasingly becoming crucial factors to the success of your positioning, distribution and sales strategy in the market, as well as making your product unique and different from everything known thus far. Hence the vital importance of protecting industrial designs that are an intangible asset to your company.



At ACOPAT one of our objectives is to help you protect one of your main intangible assets, and this is why we wish to advise you on the most appropriate way of protecting your creation, as well as taking you through the strength analysis, application, defence and control processes in any country in the world. We do this thanks to our official agents and practising licensed lawyers, who are certified before bodies such as the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO), the Community Design Office (OHIM), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) or the International Design Office (WIPO), among others.

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We will help you determine whether your design causes a distinct impression relative to other designs that are available to the general public and, if this is the case, we will help you protect your design, which will enable you to obtain the exclusive rights to prevent unauthorised reproduction and imitation by third parties.

By protecting your Industrial Design, you will make your company more competitive and will be able to generate additional profits through different means, by preventing customers from confusing your products with other identical or similar ones, strengthening the reputation of your product and/or trademark or negotiating licenses on them.


Some of the services that form part of our Industrial Design field are:

  • We do the prior analysis and background research on designs to ensure their success and we complete registrability reports establishing the viability of protection of your industrial design. We also offer our R&D consultancy service provided by our qualified technical team to study your case.
  • We study the best way of protecting your designs: design, two-dimensional, industrial design, intellectual property, etc.
  • We deal with drafting the description of your design, preparing views and filing the Industrial Design registration application in any country of interest in the world. Once processed, we offer you our monitoring, renewal and maintenance-in-force services for your industrial designs before the relevant competent bodies.
  • We protect and defend your rights against third parties, by filing the corresponding claims against cases of objection, suspension, opposition, violation, infringement, nullity, lapse or unfair competition, whether in Spain or in any other country. We also handle the preparation of formal notices and/or responses to the above-mentioned cases brought by third parties, including competent bodies such as SPTO, OHIM/AMPI, EUIPO, WIPO or the corresponding bodies in other foreign countries.
  • We offer training courses aimed at helping your R&D and design departments or Industrial Property portfolio managers to acquire the basic knowledge needed in the field of industrial design.
  • We handle the drafting of all types of contracts, such as assignment, license and distribution of your rights and, if required, we partake in and advise you during negotiations with third parties.
  • In response to your request, we prepare expert reports and reports as independent experts.
  • We offer a tailor-made technological monitoring service that meets your needs.
  • We audit and assess your design portfolio.
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