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Domains and copyright

Do not let third parties take advantage of your innovation efforts and infringe upon your industrial and intellectual property rights.



Do not let third parties take advantage of your innovation efforts and infringe upon your industrial and intellectual property rights.





In a new field of development such as the Internet, your domain name is the gateway through which your potential clients find the information, products or services that you offer. Having the appropriate domain name, which closely matches the content or topic of your website, is essential and should be considered an asset that your company must correctly protect and maintain. To do so, it may be necessary to use a team of experts like ours at ACOPAT, which is made up of official agents and practising licensed lawyers.

It is advisable to register the domain names that identify with your trademark or company name in order to prevent third parties from using them for speculative purposes. It is for this reason that we provide advice on how to best protect your identity on the Internet in order to prevent issues of unlawful, we offer diferent services for domains as for example surveillance of third parties domains or monitoring for TMCH (Trademark Clearing house) you will prevent loss of identity or misleading identity, through our experience in registering and surveillance of domain names and also in defending them in all fields.

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Additionally, we can help you protect domain names:

  • We carry out studies to optimize your domain name portfolio and to establish the best protection strategies against the new domain extensions coming into force. We also research the protection of trademarks on the Internet (trademark—domain name).
  • We prepare reports on the current and past holder of a domain name.
  • We offer an integral service that provides for the registration of domain names, their registration in the corresponding companies registry, their maintenance, renewal or updating, etc
  • We offer the possibility of hiring domain name monitoring services and locking services to detect and recover domain names that may be of interest or to locate those that have been registered by third parties and may conflict with your rights.
  • We file lawsuits in disputes and infringements of trademark rights on the Internet and we mediate in the settlement of domain name and piracy disputes before the corresponding bodies.

  • We will register and validate your trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), the database that will enable you to access, preregister and include your trademark in new generic domain names as they are released.
  • We carry out notarial acts for webpages that enable the content it contains at any given time to be certified.
  • We manage the protection of trademark law on the Internet.



Furthermore, given that in the current market it is commonplace to encounter copyright infringement, i.e. others exploiting content that you own, we also help you protect your creations and carry out all types of actions for the registration application, defence and control of your works that are objects of intellectual property.

Some of the services we provide are:


  • We study and define the most appropriate registration and protection strategy for your intellectual property rights, and handle all the administrative and private proceedings before the intellectual property registry and rights-management entities.
  • We register your bibliographic, sound and audiovisual material or any other media in the corresponding legal deposits.
  • We undertake legal consultancy and defence actions for your intellectual property rights and related items (copyright, literary creations, musical compositions, software, photography, sculpture, architecture, etc.) and we advise you on alternative viable protection strategies and legal guidance in cases of intellectual property right infringements.
  • We take care of defining, drafting and revising licences and transfer agreements with third parties.
  • We provide advice in relation to the infringement of your intellectual property rights in the civil or criminal sphere and, if necessary, we undertake the corresponding legal actions.
Intellectual Property

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